Where can I obtain a registration form?
On www.grand-raid.ch, under "Registration"

How can I register if I do not have Internet access?
You can obtain a registration form from the offices of the Grand Raid, Route d’Italie 148, CH - 1958 Uvrier
Fax no. +41 (0) 27 203 00 11

 There is no pre-registration and registration form is not valid without documentation of payment.

Is there a cut-off date for registration?
As long as there are places available you can register. Only registrations from Hérémence are limited to 2,500 people.

What is the registration fee?

The registration fee depends on the starting place (seethe description on our website).

Will I receive a confirmation of my registration?
No. Your registration can be verified online on our website under "Datasport" and the confirmation can be downloaded from the website before the race.


Is there an emergency number in the case of an accident?

Yes! The number is +41 (0) 27 475 42 76.

Is the system of timing the same as of the previous year, i.e. with the carpets and the sms?
Yes. The system of timing is identical to the one of the previous year.

Will there be anti-doping check-ups during the race?

Is the route marked out at the beginning of the year, and if not since when?
Yes. But certain sectors, such as Pas-de-Lona, are covered with snow for long periods of time. The organisation is of course not responsible of the individual use of the course.

Where will the vehicle inspections be held and what are the schedules?
The vehicle inspections are organised at the Barracks in Sion and the schedules are listed on the registration form. Instructions on getting there will be available on the day of inspection.

What happens if weather conditions do not allow the race to take place?
It can be postponed to Sunday. In addition, the departure can take place but the race can also be discontinued during the day.


Can we organise a group departure for all members of a club or for the employees of a company?

Yes. Departure can be grouped but not in the first group.

What are the criteria for a departure in the first group?
Registration for the first group depends on the time elapsed during the last 3 editions.

How are the groups organised at the start of the race?
For all the groups it is on the basis of time of the 3 preceding editions.


When will the results be published and how?

They will be published on our Internet site under "Datasport" as the competitors arrive.

How is organised the return of the bicycles and of the other material after the race?
The bicycles and the other material are returned by buses and trailers. It is organised upon previous registration (see the website) or directly on the spot.


How is lodging organised? Where can we reserve accommodations?

You need to contact the stations directly. Their addresses appear on the Internet site.
Other information about reservations for the area of Sion and Sierre can be obtained by calling +41 (0) 848 848 027.